Timber framing is a traditional building method where heavy and durable timber is used with joinery connections to build a reliable and long-lasting timber frame for the house. With technology taking a toll on different industries, timber framework became a primitive concept. However, timber frames are a great option. You can make beautiful, strong homes, barns, and poolside houses with timber frameworks. Timbers not only look great but also add traditional elegance to the overall architecture of the house.

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Benefits of using timber framework for building construction

Natural and non-toxic

Timber is a naturally occurring material, and unlike other chemicals used in the construction process, timber is a non-toxic option. It doesn’t produce hazardous gases and is safe to handle. Timber frameworks also age with time, and the process is completely natural. Moreover, timber is a sustainable option. Unlike wood, timber can be regrown easily. Hence even if it is used for most building frameworks, there will be a sufficient amount of timber supply.

Natural insulator

Timber provides natural insulation and helps reduce the house’s energy consumption. Both timber and wood have natural insulation properties. So if you’re using timber frameworks, you can expect low electricity bills. Your house will stay naturally cool during the scorching summers and relatively warm during the freezing winters.

Customisable design options

Using timber as a framework gives the architects ample design options. You can thus use timber as the main building material and design the structure accordingly. Moreover, timber buildup is a relatively easy and quick process. Unlike stone buildings, a timber frame can be built in a day or two. Moreover, you don’t require a highly skilled architecture for the buildup process.

Durable and no maintenance hassles

Yes, the best part about using timber frameworks is that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance part. Moreover, they age finely with time. You don’t have to bother much about maintaining, repairing or replacing the same. However, you might notice your timber frameworks changing colour with time. Get them polished and get back the old glow. If you don’t mind the colour change, then you ultimately have no investment in the same.

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