The process of traditional timber framing originated long back. This is the process of connecting two or more pieces of timber to create a building frame. Way before metalworking was introduced, timber frameworks were the most common form used for building constructions. The timbers are held together with nails,  metal connectors and bolts.

Timber frames are beautiful, elegant and exquisite. Moreover, timber is a sturdy material. Hence, the structure stands strong against the wave of time. One of the best things about timber framed homes is that the framework is so strong that it doesn’t require load-bearing walls in between.

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What are the interesting facts about timber framing?

Durable and sturdy

Once built with the utmost care, many timber frame structures will last years. For instance, you might come across primitive architecture with timber frames over 1000 years old. Timber is a non-perishable product and is highly durable and sturdy. Hence if not subjected to any natural disaster, a timber framework will last a lifetime.

Preservation process

Timber frames can be made easily from firewood or curved timber woods that are otherwise burned in the forest or sold off as firewood. Hence you can easily preserve the trees and nature and build timber frameworks with the unnecessary timber stacks.

Eco-friendly options

Timber frame homes generally use very less wood for the construction process. On the other hand, if you’re planning for an all-wooden home, you might have an unending range of woods for construction. Hence timber frames are a more sustainable option. Again if you demolish the house, you can easily use the timbers for recycling.

Affordable option

Timber means something other than a rich option. Rather, investment in timbers is easy and affordable compared to other building materials. Timbers are affordable and last long, so they are good deals for money. Moreover, some architectural designs can be expensive when made with other materials. However, with timber, the option is more affordable.

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