Timber framing is one of the traditional structural methods of creating a house. It is a timeless architectural form that is popular in constructing various kinds of properties. The structures made of timber framing are strong and durable and add a formidable aesthetic value.

More About Timber Framing:

In the modern age, timber framing has not lost its charm. You can find a number of properties constructed across various parts of the country. The stylish varieties of these constructions are a scene to behold.

Modern Timber Framing Architecture to Try:

When analysing the structures performed by timber framework in Herefordshire, you can find multiple options. We discuss them more in the following section.

Modern Farmhouse:

Though it is a modern structure, the timber frame property gives an old-era vibe to the farmhouse looks. You can notice the heavy use of timber and the property’s location around a hearth. It possesses an open layout, combining the dining and the kitchen area. The design also effectively connects the upper floor with the other parts of the house.

Lake House:

If you are looking for a modern lakeside retreat, this timber frame construction is the best option. It consists of a large family room with an open flow to the kitchen. The cathedral-style ceilings and rustic beams create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. You can add a modern touch to this timber framing house with steel overhead beams.

Modern Cabin Design:

A well-designed mountain cabin always adds an aesthetic value to a property. You can either create a simple designer cabin or stack up multiple levels to make an exuberant structural statement. This structure is one of the examples of properly utilising the timber frame structure.


While a cottage is not an example of a modern-day property design, you can spruce the aesthetics up with some modern designer elements. You can attain a cosy corner in this property with modern structural elements. Opt for an open living room with sliding doors. This keeps the property connected both physically and visually.

These are some ways you can utilise the modern-day timber framing structure to your benefit. To get assistance from a reliable source, you can connect with M Salt Ltd. Our firm specialises in renovating and creating traditional designs with the help of timber framework in Herefordshire. If you want to learn more about us, you can visit our website today.