Using timber to build homes is nothing new. Timber is one such sustainable material that has been used to construct properties for years but has gained massive popularity in recent years. There was also an era when people advocated using more concrete and steel in construction, but it’s not the case now because of rising awareness among people about its health benefits and environmental impact. You must ensure finding a reliable company for timber framework in Herefordshire. Let’s learn more about timber buildings.

Key Benefits of Timber Buildings For Our Well-Being

Regulates Temperatures

Insulation is important to protect your house from extreme temperatures during winter and summer. Timber buildings can ensure maintaining a healthy room temperature which will also reduce your energy consumption and utility bills. It helps in preventing the chances of heat exhaustion in warmer months particularly. When you choose timber to build your property instead of brick and concrete, you actually choose an efficient insulating material.

Helps to Shift Mindsets

According to a survey, spending excessive time in an impersonal building can make employees develop feelings of seasonal affective disorder. It suggests that workers who work in an office built using timber feel more innovative and energised as compared to the ones working in woodless offices. So, now you know the prime benefit of having a timber-built office that harmonises with nature.

Lower Blood Pressure

Living in a wooden building can lower your blood pressure which eventually improves your overall body systems. A study also suggests that children studying in wooden classrooms have lower heart rates and reduced stress, which improves their performance. These effects promote timber houses and properties.

Better Air Quality

Timber buildings can regulate humidity levels more than concrete buildings, which are more prone to have damp because of high humidity levels. Damps also affect our health adversely. Timber can prevent these risks substantially.

Environment Friendly

Timber can reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry. Besides, the material is also capable enough to meet the requirements of this industry. Timber can also last for years when maintained properly. Timber-framed buildings can also withstand extreme weather conditions.

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