Wooden buildings can get damaged over time. You must take adequate care of your property if you own a wooden structure. However, it’s not possible for us all the time. Under such circumstances, hiring a professional providing building restoration in Herefordshire is the only option. This way, you can conserve the heritage quotient of your building.

Why Do Old Wooden Buildings Get Damaged?

Old wooden buildings get damaged for several reasons. Let’s have a look:

  • Increased humidity and moisture in the atmosphere
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Cold and dry weather

Techniques for Restoration of Ages Old Wooden Buildings

Connect with a reliable building restoration company when your heritage property is on the brink of destruction. The professionals apply various techniques to curb the damage to your old wooden building.

Initially, the professionals should identify the significant damages in the wooden building. Most wooden building restoration experts have a toolkit with all the necessary accessories. They implement these tools to fix major and minor damages on the wooden surface. Let’s have a look at the techniques the experts use to repair wooden buildings:

Wood scabbing:

It is the most convenient method of wooden building restoration. When the framing wood members have undergone minimal damage, they can be fixed using a “wood scab” on a particular side of the affected area. These scabs are of the same grade, species, and size. This repair approach enhances the section modulus of the wood framing at the damaged location.

Steel scabbing:

This method is very different from wood scabbing. This procedure implements a steel plate to link new vs. old wood members. The professionals use wood screws to strengthen the attachment of the steel plate.

Plywood scabbing:

The experts adopt this procedure to distribute the loads from a certain truss to another. Usually, the professionals implement this approach when some members of a wood truss demand an entire replacement. After the replacement, the members must be linked to the rest of the wood truss system.

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