Are you an admirer of the majestic patterns on wooden beams or intricate work on joinery? Then, you may probably understand the intricacies of timber frameworks. It is more than laying and cutting blocks of timber for making doors and shelves. The process is a systematic way of making a property’s interior or exterior more functional.

Using Tools to Create Precise Results:

When discussing timber framework, you may first consider the equipment used in the process. You may primarily think about saws and rulers. In reality, a joiner used a range of other tools. These help take precise measurements, cutting the wooden blocks to shape and produce a brilliant sample of timber framework in Herefordshire.

Professional Grade Tools Used in Timber Framework:

In professional timber framing, you can find the usage of various tools. We discuss them in more detail in the following section of this blog.

Timber Framing Square:

A framing square is a crucial tool for measuring the layouts of the frame. The tool is shaped like the English letter ā€˜Lā€™ and features a wider and longer body that meets the shorter and thinner tongue. It helps joiners to create a perfect 90-degree angle and comprises scribed notches that indicate accurate measurement.

Block Planes:

Though this tool may seem too small for use, it is widely used in the joinery industry. They possess versatile use that can smoothen the end grain of a timber block. The blade of this tool is located at a lower angle, which makes it more efficient to use when compared with regular woodworking planes.

Hand Saw and Power Saw:

The choice of saws depends primarily on your joiner’s budget. While their modes of operation are different, they serve a similar purpose: cutting and creating finer pieces out of timber blocks. While electric saws are more convenient, hand saws give professionals precise control over the cuts. This helps produce blocks with finer details.

These are a few important tools used in the wood joinery industry. They can be highly useful in various procedures of timber framework in Herefordshire. To get proper assistance from the experts, you can get in touch with M Salt Limited. We are a family-owned business offering quality timber framing work. We have been in this field for many years and have created a positive reputation among a wide range of customers. You can browse through our website to learn more about the different services we provide.